The 88th Texas Legislature convened in January 2023 and is expected to consider legislation on a wide range of issues with a direct impact on municipal government. 


The City of Manor encourages our State legislators to work together to strengthen our economy, create policies that foster good-paying jobs, support small businesses and boost investments in our education system statewide. Travis County and all of Central Texas has been experiencing tremendous growth for the past several years which benefits the entire state due to the resultant economic growth. Our legislature plays a vital role in passing legislation that improves the lives of all Texans and ensures that our region remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. This value cannot be overstated.


Prior to the beginning of the regular session, Manor City Council passed Resolution No. 2022-14 stating the City's 2023 Legislative Agenda. 


Manor City Council adopted its 2023 Legislative Agenda on December 21, 2022, setting the city's priorities and key issues for the legislative session. 




Economic Development Incentives
Support and extend incentives that attract employers, create jobs, and fuel manufacturing, industry and capital investment, including some form of school property tax abatement incentive. Boost funding for:
Texas Enterprise Fund
Skills Development Fund
Other Job Creation Incentives

Workforce Development
The City of Manor supports policies and programs that bolster our local workforce, strengthen Texas’ talent pipeline and prepare our students and workers for careers in high demand fields such as technology and healthcare. The Legislature should advance policies that support Texas’ childcare infrastructure, which is critical to supporting parents in the workforce.
State investment in K-12 students and teachers is critically important to improving education outcomes. The Legislature should increase basic allotment and restore, update a cost of education index, and invest in teachers to ensure that public schools across Texas have the workforce and resources needed to succeed.

21st Century Infrastructure
The City of Manor supports increased investments in transformational and critical infrastructure that promotes regional connectivity, supports regional transportation initiatives, enhances public safety, and keeps utility expansion on pace with population growth and economic opportunity.

Health Sciences, Tech & Manufacturing
The Legislature should support state programs and legislation that enable Texas biotech and health sciences industries to secure additional resources and for semiconductor companies to access CHIPS Act funding. The City of Manor supports policies that boost Travis County's growing high-tech economy and jobs.




Affordable / Workforce Housing
The Legislature should address the dramatic increases in housing costs for both renters and homeowners, and advance policies that ensure the City of Manor has affordable housing options for all. Amend the “two-mile rule” which allows affordable housing development of LIHTC properties twice the distance to amenities. And a major priority should be a program to incentivize development of Workforce Housing for those that do not qualify for <60% MI government subsidies, currently being priced out of the market.

Property Tax Relief
Texas was the #1 State in America for GDP growth in 2021, and the Legislature should ensure that our state remains business friendly and competitive with its low tax burden. The Legislature should consider policies that lead to property tax relief for businesses and homeowners.
Water & Wastewater 
Extreme drought and population growth compound the need for Central Texas water suppliers and utilities to partner with the state to invest in water and wastewater infrastructure and conservation throughout Central Texas and provide more options for grants and financing to small cities like Manor.
Racial & Social Equity
The City of Manor opposes discrimination in all forms and encourages the Legislature to reject all forms of same and address systemic inequities in our society. The Legislature should identify ways to expand access to employment opportunities, reduce inequities in housing, health care, education and protect the civil rights of all Texans.

Health Care
To promote wellness, lower costs and expand access to care, the Legislature should consider policies that reduce the number of uninsured Texans while maintaining affordable coverage options. Further, the City of Manor opposes efforts to limit or restrict employee benefits and healthcare coverage options available to Texas employers.

Increase TxDOT funding for advance planning, ROW acquisition, and construction of major thoroughfare projects through Travis County affected by Manor's explosive population growth causing acute traffic problems. Meet transportation needs prior to the problems getting out of hand.

* For Legislative Updates that are filed and affect Municipalities please visit: Texas Municipal League Legislative Updates

The City of Manor is a diverse, sustainable community and regional leader with exceptional services, a high quality of life, and a safe environment for citizens and businesses to thrive. 

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