Command Staff:
The command staff handles a wide range of duties and tasks. General operation is dependent on the command staff and their daily decisions and direction. A few of their duties are planning, budget preparations, officer recruitment and selection, asset management, emergency management coordination, fleet management, purchasing, public information dissemination, Internal Affairs, travel and training assignments, community relations, evidence management. 
Chief Ryan Phipps

Assistant Chief Denver Collins

Patrol Lieutenant Lawrence Rideau

Special Operations Lieutenant James Allen 

To reach any member of the Command Staff at the Manor Police Department please email or call 512-272-8177 (non-emergency)

Special Operations Division:
Criminal Investigations:
The Criminal Investigations Division conducts follow-up investigations on crimes that have been reported to the Manor Police Department Patrol Division. Our Detectives investigate homicides, sex crimes, fraud, child abuse, narcotic activity and much more. They also are responsible for registering sex offenders and maintain parolee information.

While conducting a speedy investigation into every report is our goal; weekends, holidays and high priority cases often delay the process. To inquire about a case’s status please call 512-272-8177.

    Criminal Investigations Supervisor:
         Sgt. Open Position

    Criminal Investigations Detectives:

         Det. Kailey Krumpfer

         Det. Marshall Surovik

         Det. Mary Eaton

Crime Scene & Evidence Technician:

Rica Diaz

The Crime Scene & Evidence Technician collects and preserves physical evidence found at crime scenes as well as manages the property room which contains a constant moving 6,000+ individual pieces of evidence/property. Depending on the crime being investigated the tech could collect, process and analyze many different items to include fingerprints, bodily fluids, weapons and/or photographs. The tech is also responsible for the laboratory submissions for scientific analysis of evidence as well as submission of data or physical evidence into the court system.


Community Programs & Public Information:

Officer Gloria Rock

Officer Open Position

The Community Programs and Public Information Division (CPPID) of the Manor Police Department is dedicated to fostering positive relationships between the police force and the community it serves. This division focuses on creating and implementing community-oriented programs, managing public communications, and ensuring transparent and effective information dissemination. The CPPID plays a pivotal role in enhancing community trust, engagement, and collaboration.


Animal Control:
The Animal Control Division is responsible for the welfare and safety of animals (domestic or wildlife) in the City of Manor. The Animal Control Division also contributes to the education and enforcement of city ordinances and laws that regulate pets and other animals in the city limits. Spay, neuter and chipping information will also be made available through Animal Control.

Matthew Foley - Animal Control Officer

Email with our Animal Control at

Civilian Staff:
The Civilian staff of the Manor Police Department is made up of an Executive Assistant and two Police Clerks. These exceptional people are who you speak with when calling to the police station to request records or other police services besides the dispatch of an officer. They also complete many of the clerical tasks such as reports filed with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and the FBI, police payroll, criminal records, crash submissions to TxDOT and case paperwork between our agency and the court systems. All civilian employees of the Manor Police Department are licensed and meet the standards set for by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as Telecommunicators.
Executive Assistant to the Chief:
Robert Acosta
Police Clerk(s):
Sandra Bocksnick
Tiffany Parr


Command Support

Officer Zon Lout

The Command Support Officer is a sworn member of the department that is assigned tasks for the effective operations of equipment, supplies and functions of divisional needs. This Officer maintains support to all department members and coordinates contracts and maintenance of vital equipment for readiness response to any situation. Strategic deployment of assets to the field, and general operational support. The Command Support Officer is also responsible for oversight to the Auxiliary Teams and their readiness to activate.

Crime Analyst


The Manor Police Department Crime Analyst is responsible for gathering and analyzing crime & crash data, conducting research, preparing reports, developing crime prevention plans by utilizing computer programs and statistical data to create a map and guidance of potential criminal activity which provides strategic, statistical and investigative support to our patrol division, Investigations, and police command to develop ways of reducing criminal activities.

Emergency Manager

Robbie Barrera 

The Emergency Manager (EM) oversees development and coordinates the implementation of Manor’s Emergency Management Plan to include a spectrum of activities and functions that build an efficient capacity to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from large-scale emergencies and disasters. The position works to reduce the impact of disasters upon the City by coordinating with partner agencies (Local, County, State & Federal); non-profits; businesses; schools; hospitals; and other stakeholders. This position also maintains the City’s participation in the county Emergency Operation Center (EOC); maintains the City’s Emergency Operation Plan, Continuity of Operation Plan, and Hazard Mitigation Plan; and oversees emergency preparedness training, exercises, and drills.


Professional Standards and Training

Officer Open Position

The Professional Standards and Training Division (PSTD) of the Manor Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of integrity, proficiency, and ethical conduct within the department. This division is responsible for maintaining rigorous standards of professional behavior and providing comprehensive training programs to all personnel. The PSTD plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, accountability, and community trust.

Patrol Division:

Uniformed Patrol Division is the largest division of the Police Department. These are the Officers you see on the streets working wrecks or knocking on your door to take your report.  These fine individuals are the core of our department and serve our community selflessly working nights weekends and holidays. All sworn officers meet or exceed standards and are licensed through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as Texas Peace Officers.

Patrol has a wide range of responsibilities including:
Enforcing city, state and federal laws
Preliminary investigations of crimes
Majority of all Arrests
Traffic Enforcement
Accident Investigations
Public Education
Community Outreach

Patrol Supervisors:
Sgt. Trevor Tate
Sgt. Shaun Harr 
Sgt. George Vega 
Sgt. Robert Faust

Patrol Officers:
K9 Officer A. "Stoney" Stone
                K9 Partner Ivar
Officer Bryan Estrada  
Officer Jamie Picos
K9 Officer Jordan Roberts  
                 K9 Partner Biro
Officer N. "Trey" Koger
Officer Sergio Trevino
Officer Eric Deleon
Officer Inez Guevara 
Officer Israel Ozuna
Officer Joshua Banet
Officer Alberto Abzun
Officer Jaleesa Jones
Officer Kristian Grifaldo
Officer Laura Benjaminson
Officer Marcette Favors
Officer Wyatt Broussard
Cadet Connor Beane
Officer Jaleesa Jones
Officer Alex Lopez
Reserve Officer Anne Lopez
Open Officer/Cadet
Open Officer/Cadet
Open Officer/Cadet


Traffic Enforcement/ DWI Enforcement / Motors 

Traffic Officer Trent Wellman
Traffic Officer Bryan "Chad" Ponce
DWI Officer Dylan Harr
DWI Officer Trevor Goodman


Victim Services: 

The Social Resource Team was originally created as The Victim Services Network by the Manor Police Department in 2017 to increase the range and availability of services. Teamed up with the Lago Vista Police Department and the Jonestown Police Department who joined Manor by establishing an interlocal agreement to ensure services to those affected by crime and crisis circumstances were met.
In 2021 our team envisioned doing more, by expanding the unit to a patrol based Social Resource Team who are dedicated to creating partnerships to promote successful, coordinated, and culturally sensitive response to victims, non-violent mental health consumers and those needing assistance where a crime may not have been committed yet criminal justice or mental health direction may be needed. Ultimately, we want our community to experience compassionate support of choices and effective utilization of resources to improve criminal justice service and efficiency for individuals and society. This team is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, rights and resources to our community, delivered with integrity, compassion and respect.

SRT Contact Information 

Regan Frederick - Case Manager
Kineta Bohnet - Victim Advocate

Auxiliary Teams:

The Auxiliary Teams are groups within the Police Department that employees may serve on to represent or provide a specifically trained function.



Traffic Fatality Reconstruction Team

Unmanned Arial Systems Team

Swift Water Rescue Team


The City of Manor is a diverse, sustainable community and regional leader with exceptional services, a high quality of life, and a safe environment for citizens and businesses to thrive. 

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