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Persons with outstanding warrants can avoid arrest by coming into the City of Manor Municipal Court at 105 E. Eggleston, Manor, Texas, and making appropriate arrangements with the Court. No arrest will be made at the Court Office of individuals that voluntarily appear before the Court.

All violations filed with the City of Manor Municipal Court are considered Class C Misdemeanors. You are given a specific date to appear before the Court which is indicated on the top of your citation. If you fail to appear before the court on the specified date (except weekends and city observed holidays) you are subject to negative consequences. Negative consequences begin the day after failing to appear before the court, making the required payment, or failing to meet the terms or conditions of a Judgment.



JAIL TIME CREDIT is not a right. Jail Time Credit is determined by the Manor Municipal Court Judge that issued the Warrant for your Arrest.
To request time served be applied to your case(s) the following is required:
(2) Arrest records or booking sheets from the jail or prison

These documents can be submitted to the court by one of the following methods:

1) Email to the court

2) Fax: 512-272-8636

3) Mail to Po Box 589, Manor, TX 78653

4) Drop off to the court: 105 E. Eggleston St., Manor, TX 78653 (Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays

Credit earned for an Arrest Warrant and a Capias Pro Fine Warrant differs. Arrest Warrants are Concurrent and Capias Pro Fine Warrants are Consecutive.
Consequences for failing to appear are as follows:
  • Fine amount may be maxed out per State Law ($200 to $2,000)
  • Court Costs added: Warrant Fee $50, Omnibase Fee $30, and Collection Fee 30% of balance
  • Report your violation to the Texas Department of Public Safety in order to stop renewal of your Driver's license or identification card

If you are in a WARRANT STATUS, the Judge has allowed you to make contact with the court and do the following:
  • Pay the Warrant in full
  • Pay a minimum of $50 or $100 down (depending on total balance) to request a payment plan
  • Enter a Plea of Guilty or No Contest or Not Guilty (if there is no Plea already on file)
  • Appear in Open court to discuss options with the Judge (see court calendar for Open Court dates and times)

Manor Municipal Court contracts with different agencies to assist staff with serving of warrants and or locating of individuals with past due cases filed within our Court. Please review each agency listed below and if you should have any questions you may call them directly:

Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP is an established firm that provides our Court with another tool to locate individuals that may have outstanding case file balances with our Court. If you received a call from this agency, most likely you have an outstanding case filed with our Court that has not been satisfied. LGBS main office is located at 711 Navarro Street, Suite 300, San Antonio, Texas and may be reached at 210-225-4422. If you would like to search their site you may visit

Texas Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay Program (OMNIBASE) is a program in accordance by Texas State Law where violators have an outstanding judgment or case file pending within a court and reports the violator to the Texas Department of Public Safety so the violator may not renew their driver's license until the reporting court's judgment has been satisfied. The violator may access their information by visiting   The OMNIBASE fee is non-refundable even if you received Jail Time Credit.
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