Non-Profit Support Grant
The City of Manor has established a six-pathways to success during a disaster grant program to support non-profits. At this time, we will be receiving grant applications during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The goal of this non-profit support grant program is to identify sources and methods of providing sustainable health and food services; youth support, mental health support and medical testing if needed. 


The objective of the program is to streamline strategic coordination and planning efforts with local groups and governmental authorities to respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Six Pathways to Success

1. Identify and Establish Contact with Community Volunteer Programs and Local Service Providers. Facilitate targeted assistance to populations designated as vulnerable by the City.

a. Establish contact and create lines of communication with volunteer community groups via highly utilized and contemporary social media, text, etc., platforms to capture majority of the community within the city limits.


b. Establish and create lines of communication with points of contact with local and county services (e.g., health, EMS, police water, electricity, etc.)



2. Localized Food Distribution System. Identify and prioritize city limit residential needs for designated low income and high need populations.



a. Coordinate with local organizations, business and property owners and county services to identify facilities for use as temporary collection, package and distribution centers.



b. Coordinate with county and regional entities (e.g. Central Texas Food Bank) for establishing a food transfer pipeline from their facility to identified temporary distribution sites in Manor.



c. Coordinate with local grocery stores, farmer's markets, restaurants and community members for unused items transferred to local distribution sites in Manor.



d. Identify and coordinate with local organizations who can support food donation and distribution efforts.



3. Local COVID-19 Testing. Facilitate increased testing and access to testing in the city limits of Manor.


a. Advocate for local testing facilities.


b. Identify and provide information about local and area testing locations.


4. Commitment to Manor Youth.


a. Coordinate with educational systems for structured study and down-time schedules for community dissemination.


b. Minimize and mitigate potential juvenile delinquencies.


c. Support innovative and balanced youth-oriented programs, initiatives, child safety and wellbeing programs that provide for their physical, emotional intellectual needs.


5. Community Social Messaging Method. Ensure consistency of official information to mitigate rumors, paranoia and hysteria via unofficial and unapproved data and to provide information to the community about food distribution, youth support testing, mental health and other resources.


a. Subscribe to and disseminate (as appropriate) Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and any other pertinent county and national organizations email notification systems to enable real-time situational awareness.


b. Join pertinent social media groups to proactively communicate via who, what, when, where and why for each post to mitigate inaccurate information and potential hysteria.


c. Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate COVID-19 information and resources to the community-at-large via Manor Journal, Manor Chamber of Commerce, Manor ISD, City Hall, etc.


6. Faith-Based Support Structure. Support community-wide and individual stressors and identifying needs at the community and individual level.


a. Communicate with local religious and spiritual leaders to establish a system to best assist current and future community needs for shelter-in-place or lockdown restrictions and social and economic impacts of COVID-19.


b. Identify and establish contact with organizations who can support COVID-19 stress related expressions and acts by residents.


Application Guidelines


1. The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 16, 2020.


2. All applications must be completed in their entirety or they will not be accepted.


3. Applicant must make sure that all information is correct and all necessary requested paperwork is attached.


4. Applicant will complete “Other Sources of Funding” on the application and in the Grant line item, must be specific as to what grants were applied for, amount requested, and amount received.


5. Applicant must attach non-profit determination letter.


6. Applications will only be accepted at one per fiscal year and at the end of the fiscal year that the grant was awarded, applicant must provide the City and report complete with receipts showing how the grant funds were used.


7. Drop off completed grant applications through the drive thru window located at
City of Manor - City Hall
105 E Eggleston St.
Manor, TX 78653
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