Planning & Zoning Commission

Member and Place Officers Term Expires
Julie Leonard
Place No. 1
Commissioner 1/1/2025
Prince Chavis
Place No. 2
Vice-Chair 1/1/2026
Gabrielle Orion
Place No. 3
Commissioner 1/1/2025
Felix Paiz
Place No. 4
Chairperson 1/1/2026
Jeff Stensland
Place No. 5
Commissioner 1/1/2025
Cecil Meyer
Place No. 6 (ETJ Resident)
Commissioner 1/1/2026
James M. Terry, Jr.
Place No. 7 (ETJ Resident)
Commissioner 1/1/2025
Gabriel Nila
Alternate No. 1
Alternate Commissioner 1/1/2025
Alternate No. 2
Alternate Commissioner 1/1/2026

Qualifications: Residents of the City of Manor or ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdictions) who are registered voters.

Number of Commission Members: 7  (Planning & Zoning Commission also serves as the Community Impact Fee Advisory Committee and the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee)

Place No. 1 - Place No. 5  (City of Manor Residents)
Place No. 6 - Place No. 7  (ETJ Residents)

Number of Alternates: 2 (City of Manor Residents)
Term of Office: 2 years

Meetings: Regularly meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. Agendas and Minutes


Powers and Duties:


  • Review and make a recommendation to the Council on all proposals to adopt of amend land development regulations for the purpose of establishing  the relationship of such proposal to, and its consistency with, the adopted comprehensive plan or elements of portions thereof, for purposes of this Article “land development regulations” includes zoning, subdivisions, building and construction, environmental including water conservation and other police power regulations controlling, regulating, or affecting the use or development of land. 


  • Pursuant to ordinances adopted by the Council, exercise control over platting and subdividing land within the corporate limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City to insure the consistency of any such plats or subdivisions with the ordinances and comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof. 


  • Pursuant to ordinances adopted by the Council, make recommendation to the Council regarding the zoning of land and land uses within the corporate limits of the City to insure the consistency of any such land use with the adopted comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof. 


  • May submit annually to the City Manager, not less than one hundred fifty days prior to the beginning of the budget year; a list of recommended capital improvements, which in the opinion of the Planning and Zoning Commission are necessary or desirable to implement the adopted comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof during the forthcoming five-year period. 


  • Monitor and oversee the effectiveness and status of the comprehensive plan and recommend annually to the Council any changes in or amendments to the comprehensive plan as may be desired or required. 


  • Prepare periodic evaluation and appraisal reports on the comprehensive plan, which shall be sent to the Council at least once every five (5) years after the adoption of the comprehensive plan or element of portion thereof. 


  • Obtain information relative to its duties, from the City Manager. 


  • Act as an advisory body to the Council and perform such additional duties and exercise such additional powers as may be prescribed by ordinance of the Council not inconsistent with the provisions and intent of this charter.

Planning and Zoning Commission City Staff Contact:
Scott Dunlop, Development Services Director


Planning and Zoning Commission Members Contact: 

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